Welcome to the Juice Project

Welcome to the Juice Project where our primary goal is to make it easy for you to add extensions to your web interface, be it one you created yourself or one you just look after. Extensions allow you to do many things such as add a Google Map; or take a user to a site to purchase something relevant to the page they are viewing; or embed a video or the contents of a book into a page. For those that understand HTML, JSON, JavaScript, and other web technologies, none of this is rocket science. For the rest of us, who are maybe happy changing the odd bit of text on our site, these are the sort of things we see on other sites and say "I wish I could do that"
We are just moving in!  The Juice Project's former home will remain in use to manage the development of the core Juice code.  Please be understanding as we slowly move the documentation, screencasts, and examples from our old home in to this one.  Meanwhile please check out the old place for things you can not find here yet.
If you want to see what is possible take a look in the Extension Bazar.  If you want get Juice for your site check out the Get Started page.
If you want to delve in to the depths of the JavaScript source [not necessary if you just want to use Juice] for the benefit of all - start here.

Adding Juice to a Talis Prism 2 Installation

  This should be read in conjunction with the Get Started Document.

Adding Juice to a Prism 3 Tenancy

Prism 3 is a hosted catalogue solution which uses a themes system for adjusting its look and feel. To add Juice to a Prism theme, you will need to do the following:

  • Download a copy of your current theme
  • Add the Juice files to your theme in a sub-folder
  • Re-upload your new theme

All Prism tenancies have a sandbox, a copy of your catalogue that is designed to experiment with new customisations. It is recommended you make any modifications there first and then copy the theme across to the main tenancy when complete.

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